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*We have working relationships with major health insurance carriers.


* We are a FREE “in house” consultant that works on the companies behalf in the same capacity as an “expert employee” to ensure they are getting the best options and prices for their health insurance they provide to their employees.


* We consistently review our clients policies to see if we can give them better options and rates upon renewal vs. just having the client renew with what is already in place…we don’t just set it and forget it!


* We do not provide a one size fits all approach... We get to know our clients to tailor make our proposals and narratives which paint a clear picture to the carriers underwriter for each of our clients. This equates to better rates and cost savings.


* Our track record shows for those who qualify and switch over to us to have less cost for their employee healthcare with the same or similar coverage. This will help a business to decrease their overhead cost and ultimately increase their company’s bottom line.

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